"In the world of great duck dishes I've had, thats easily in the top 5. All time in my life."

- Guy Fieri , On Chef Wes' Duck French Dip


Wes Lieberher is an Executive Chef & Consultant, Podcast host, and Musician known for his work in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia.  He is the chef behind LA's famous Beer Belly and numerous other popular restaurant openings and original menus.  He is also the Frontman of national music act, Kill Verona, and host of the 86 Everything Podcast.


Chef Wes has a firm belief that food is just as much for the heart as it is for the stomach.  A Native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised by a single mother, Wes learned to appreciate food at an early age.  He understood the effort it took for his mother to work full time, take care of two boys, and still find the energy to put food on the table that her kids loved just to see them fed and happy.  That feeling of purpose and pride sticks with Chef Wes until this day.  He cooks for people, not for himself.  He cooks to conjure those food memories of the soul and for the smiles it brings to the people he feels privileged to cook for.


He began cooking professionally at 19 tossing gourmet pizzas at an Authentic Italian restaurant, where he later was promoted to pantry, grill, and sauté.  This is where he laid the foundation of cooking knowledge and speed to begin his journey behind the stove.  In his mid 20’s he landed a line cook job at Vintage, a French restaurant in downtown Philadelphia, where he would later be promoted to sous chef and eventually to Executive Chef to take over the kitchen.  In 2010, Wes’ culinary journey led him to Los Angeles where he found himself designing menus for celebrity weddings and cooking private dinners for rock stars.  A year later Wes opened Beer Belly in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles where he was able to craft a menu of over the top comfort food inspired by his years in the kitchen and his Philadelphia style.  In 2017 Wes joined forces with Jeremy Fall and Henry Costa to take over the menu duties for Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar in Venice Beach and open Nighthawk: AM in Chicago, Easy’s Diner in Beverly Hills, and Paperboy Pizza in Santa Monica.


Wes has been featured on The Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives”, The Travel Channel’s “Food Paradise”, Esquire’s “Knife Fight”, and Wes has tried his acting chops playing himself of IFC’s “GiGi Does It”.    Wes has been awarded best wings by CBS LA and Thrillest, Top 100 dishes LA Weekly, top 101 new desserts in America by Grub Street New York, 100 Top Burgers from Coast To Coast by the Food Network, and 21 Best Breakfast dishes in Chicago by The Chicago Tribune.


From his earliest memory of mixing all the sauces in his mother’s cabinets together, to his years and years of education in the kitchen, Chef Wes’ food remains littered with childlike creativity and utter dedication to the craft.  Fun, flavorful, and dream evoking food is his passion while happy stomachs and most importantly, hearts are his mission.   He understands the effort it takes to cook the food, but he really just appreciates that you chose to eat it.


In this case that you chose to read it, thank you.