Kill Verona formed in 1999 under the name Little League. They changed their name to Kill Verona in 2001 after the release of the Kill Verona EP on Livewire Records. The Original Lineup included Wes Lieberher, Paul Butterly, George Foster, Mike Drelling (Emo Mike), and Jesse Clark. Soon after forming Jesse Clark left to join the military and was replaced by Jimmy Walsh. Together they recorded the full length Through our Ears, Through our Hearts on Chord/Too Damn Hype Records. Mike Drelling left before the album was released and currently plays bass in the band Restorations. He was replaced by Rafael Henin. Supporting the record they played a multitude of shows supporting bands like Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, The Movielife, Brand New, Recover and Grade.

The Kill Verona EP-
They promptly set back out into the studio in 2001 with Sean McGrath of Saves the Day as producer and released the 2001 Winter Demo tapes. The Kill Verona EP was released later that summer on Livewire Records. They toured supporting the Kill Verona EP with such bands as Orange Island, Thrice, and Good Charlotte

Name change-
Shortly after the release and playing a leg of the Warped Tour, Little League, as they were then still known, were issued a cease and desist from the Little League Baseball Association and were forced to change their name to Kill Verona. During this time Jimmy Walsh left the band and went on to play with such acts as up up down down left right left right b a start and No Roses with whom had original bassist Mike Drelling, former member of One Dead Three Wounded (Sam Tropio, Guitar) future Blacklisted guitarist Jon Nean (bean) and former Hate Holiday guitarist Jon Hunt on vocals. He was replaced by Dan Hargenshimer.

In 2005 the band released Trauma on Livewire Records. With George Foster and Dan Hargensheimer deciding to pursue different avenues, Kill Verona enlisted a few guitarists to fill in including Steve V from Shai Hulud, Joe Dufresne from Orange Island and The Chase Scene, and John Ledoux from the band Garrison. They played a year of shows in support of the EP and decided to break up.

Kill Verona played in Doylestown in the summer of 2008 and November 2008. The band played a reunion show in Philadelphia in 2012 & a last benefit show in late 2013.

Kill Verona has been reformed in 2017 with original members Wes Lieberher, Paul Butterly, Rafael Henin, and new members Chris Margarite and Jon Hunt.